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Back to the Future, Part II, let us know that inside-out pants would be all the rage Oct. 21, 2015 (as would flying Deloreans).
Oct. 21, 2015 is coming and Ross O'Mullane is determined to make sure that the world is able to check out these pants by that date, and if his Kickstarter campaign is fully funded, he will be able to do so!

Meet the Outtie:

Outties are an awesome and outrageous pair of jeans that only look like they're inside-out. Here’s where the jeanius comes in, we have taken all the modern features of wearing your pants inside out, and made the pockets, fly, and belt loops accessible. They're attention-grabbing, party-ready, future-cool jeans – later this year when you’re celebrating BTTF Day on October 21st you'll be able to party in style like it’s 2015!
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Hmm these pants pockets sorta remind me of other little pouches outside of your pants...you know, fanny packs! Those went over well with the cool kids.
@danidee His wife said the same thing (seriously, check out the Kickstarter. She's so not into it, ha). @nicolejb They were cool for a while, but yeah, I don't see these really catching on.
Hahaha I love how he's acting like these pants are putting his marriage on the line. I certainly hope that's not true!
“Who wears the pants?” has a whole new meaning...
just being them here! they'll "sell like hot bread"