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A school in the UK (Cheltenham Ladies' College, which is an independent boarding and day school) is considering dropping homework over the next five years due to the "epidemic of anxiety" among happening among students in the UK.
Already, they've implemented a few changes:
- Students will be attending weekly meditation sessions beginning in September.
- Students will also have twice as long to walk between classes.
They're also considering more:
- "flip learning", where pupils read up on material before classes, as an alternative to homework in two or three subjects.
- 'homework' would be reading and preparing, as opposed to 'busy work'
Still some disagree with this idea: one man who disagreed said that while teaching students how to deal with increasing levels of stress and anxiety is important, but shielding them from it and taking away all sources of that anxiety would do nothing.
Would taking homework away really fix anxiety? I don't think so. While homework isn't great for all students and certainly shouldn't be as time consuming as it can be now, it also is an important part of teaching the learning process and helping students learn to work out things on their own.

What do you think about a school with no homework?

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Not so sure about this one. We don't need to coddle kids to relieve their stress, but removing the unnecessary stress form the system would be smart.