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I think we all know this feeling: how the voice of that-special-someone can make you feel so relaxed, so calm, and so happy? How you feel silly giggling into the phone all because you get to hear their voice?
Cringe-worthy or not, there are actually scientific reasons that we get this kind of reaction from the voices of those we love, and we might not even realize it!!!
Do you believe that? It's true!! In fact, it’s a common phenomenon for someone to change pitch of their voice when talking to someone they’re romantically interested in. Why? Because they want to make that love connection.
Women's voices go down when they're attracted to somebody, and men's go up. And while you might not notice this, somewhere deep inside you, you do!! This slight voice modulations leads you to believe the speaker is more attractive as well, if it suits you.
And!! In addition to that, people speak differently to their friends versus towards their romantic interests, and your loved one will eventually pick up on this, which leads to that feeling of the voice being JUST for you, and such a great sound, and thus....bam! You're hooked on their voice!!
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Interesting!! I wonder just how deeply this is in our systems, or why they say you should talk to people in comas to help them recover--your voice will help them