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Yesterday, JW hugs her asking "You don't live SY again..?" What gonna she say..? JW hugs her and at the moment he remembers what her mother said. 'She doesn't wanna live as SY..!' So he lets her go, "I'm crying not because I'm sad but because the wind blows.." Leaving him, Joi says "I've tried so hard to forget you..but u've felt painful as much I've felt.." SY cries a lot in car..and JW goes back to work. JW enters interrogation room to investigate the cleaning women. SY comes back home and sees Harry got a bad cold. "Why didn't u call me?", she asks. "I thought u were drinking alone..Joi, I'm sick..show me ur hands message..", Harry says. But Joi says "That is not mine. I gave back it to the original owner..I'm sorry.." Then Harry cries, "I thougth u would not come back.." Joi comforts him, "I don't go anywhere, fool...Don't cry..I will get a medicine." But Harry doesn't let her go, "You can't go anywhere.." The cleaning women killed three ppl including SD. But she says "I just cleaned..u know I'm good at cleaning..What's the problem? They deserves to die...Why you let those guys live who killed my daughter? Now I can't go out here..After a month other two guys are released. Plz kill them instead of me.." JW says "No I won't. It doesn't mean they would apologize and feel guilty even if u kill them. I was planning to make him apologize to SY. SD knows who asked him to kidnapped SY and me when we were young. I should have known the truth from him..! And you messed up all my planning by killing him. Now tell me how u got into his home." She says "Those guys love girls, so I disguised. I told him 'You don't deserve to live. My daughter's name is Bora..Go to hell before me. I will follow you and kill you once again.'" Then JW says "You could kill him just with dry ice..then why you put wet towel on his face?" She replies "I have no reason..I just wanted to kill him as fast as I can." JW asks "Why you took the cell phone?" She says "Well..I was in a daze after murdering..so I just took it by mistake.." In the meanwhile, Harry sees SY and says "Joi, I feel anxious even when I'm with you..Plz don't leave me, ok?" And a friend of him sends a msg, 'Did you get his record of secret fund? Now do you wanna start?' President TJ has emergency. His worker reports "It seems like secretary Nam spread the story about secret fund to have more time until he runs away abroad. He even sent his family to Newzeland three days ago. It seems like he planned all things. And investment-cash for Harry disappeard. Nam also took it away." TJ orders "Send ppl to Newzeland..! And deny all the things and comforts stockholders!" SY's mom packing JW's things. But EJ doesn't want him to leave. After investigating cleaning women, JW says "Now you can cry..I can't help you to decrease ur sentence..But if ur daughet was alive, I could be ur son-in-law. Now let ur daughter leave on ur mind.." She cries, "I wouldn't be like this if there were only ppl like you.." JW says "Mrs..now plz forget all the things for ur daughter and for yourself.." Touching his hands, she says "Do u know why I didn't kill you? You've watied for SY for years and loved her..Plz keep ur heart forever.." Next day, JW drinks with his colleague.. "I never thought about forgetting SY..But she doesn't wanna comeback..I like her the most..But SY doesn't like me..What do I have to do.." Then he gets a call from Harry. He says "Well..I got test result of my aunt's autopsy..I have some questions bout it..Would you come to my home? I'm a little bit sick because of bad cold.." So JW goes to Harry's home then meets up with Joi. He says "If u have time, drinks So Ju together later.." He enters in Harry's room, "What questions do you have?" Harry says "Actually I got angry a little bit about you..280 walks from SY's home..I also know the calculation..Why you called SY? You could call me..Well..you came here for me..how about drinking?" JW refuses, "I drank enough..And I don't wanna get drunken in front of you." JW asks SY for giving a nepkin, then he sees she has her mother's shoes. While drinking, Harry says "You're president TJ's son, right? I think my aunt's dying is related with his company." Then Harry hands a contract to JW. Joi visits the restaurant her mom's working. "I missed u so much..and I thought about u I'm going to come back to you when I succeed..I'm designer..I make clothes.." Her mom says "Why you came back? I told you live as Joi.." SY says "I don't feel comfortable..I'll be staying in Korean for few days. May I visit you to meet u sometimes?" But her mom refuses "You would feel sad, but now I like JW the most. I think it would better to live without seeing each other..I gotta go back to work." JW gets a msg from secretary Nam. 'I would not be in Korean when you get this msg. I just followed ur father's order. Do not find SY. You would get hurt in the end.' JW goes out from Harry's home while calling to co-worker to discuss about Harry aunt's dying. Then he see her father's car entering to his home. Harry opens door, saying alone "TJ, welcome to the heaven.." TJ says "Our company has emergency..Would u give me a time until I pay u the investment-cash?" Harry says "Well..I will help you..I will pay the investment-cash instead of you. Then you have to help me when I need ur help, ok?" TJ says "Sure." Joi is talking with TJ's wife. She says "Plz work with me..I've done many things for scouting you..!" Joi says "I know what u've done..but the way you are is wrong. You displayed my clothe without my permission..!" TJ gets a parcel service. It's from Hyeong Jun, Harry Borrison. It is a thing that Harry's mom made a long time ago. TJ notices it's from Hyeong Jun. At that night, TJ goes somewhere and there's Harry's mom..
harry is so handsome. I have no doubt that. But I think he has a secret mission and I think it would damage his relationship with zoe / LSY .. * just my personal opinion :D
@yuniyuni @sadeva thx guys~;) Isn't Harry so cool..?><
thanks for ur hardworking.. uri JW.. Y___Y
you just awesome.. thanks a lot..