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Have you ever considered being a hand model? Yeah, neither have we. Over the last couple years, the nail game has definitely made a huge come up. No longer the days where round or square nails are your only two options to choose from at the salon. You can wave goodbye to boring nails and unleash your inner diva with trendy shapes that will have you flashing your nails around for everyone to see.
Give a warm welcome to squoval, almond, coffin, stiletto (ballerina) and lipstick shaped nails. None of these names are associated with anything that has to do with nails -- obviously, but just know that if you go into a salon they'll immediately know exactly what you're asking for. If you're going for a classic look, try out an almond or oval shaped nail. It's not edgy, but it's also not your normal go to. For those edgy ladies who like to stand out, stiletto and coffin nails will definitely give you exactly what you're looking for. Celebs including both Kylie and Rihanna have been spotted numerous times wearing both coffin and stiletto nails. Now if that's not trendy enough, then we don't know what to tell you.
It's always nice to switch things up every now and then, and why not start with your nails? You use your hands on a daily basis, make sure they're worth looking at.
Manis and pedis are perfect for the summer!!! @onlydreaming
i've never tried the almond but it looks pretty cool.. i should get my nails done sometime soon. i always get tons of manicures during the summer