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This exercise is perfect for anyone who doesn't have access to a tread climber or stair master machine. You can perform this exercise during your lunch break, on your way into work/school, or in the evenings after you've got home and don't necessarily have the time to hit up the gym. This workout doesn't involve any complicated moves. All you need for this exercise is a set of stairs. It's as simple as that. Ready, set, get climbing!

Set 1:

Run every step.

Set 2:

Run every second step.

Set 3:
Squat jump every step.

Set 4:

Squat jump every second step.

Set 5:

Hop every step (right foot).

Set 6:

Hop every step (left foot).

* Note: Run down after each set and repeat 3 times for maximum results.

You can barely even walk after this exercise trust me @alywoah I speak from experience but the results are great! No pain no gain, right?
My butt hurts just reading this!
Man, this sounds KILLER. I might have to do this one in intervals depending on the stairs.
You're right! Lol. Now I gotta just get out of my lazy mindset haha
Whew! That sounds exhausting. Usually I just "stadiums" at school. Which are hard enough for me. I am sure this exercise will make walking very difficult right afterward.