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Lace, glitter and jewel tones dominated the fashion at the Tony Awards
It's theater's biggest night of the year and the stars came dressed to impress. Yes, it's about the awards, but it's also about the fashion! Here are the most popular trends of the night.
Lace isn't just for the bedroom! The delicate style was a trend at the awards. Helen Mirren, Monica Lewinsky and Kat Dennings rocked the sexy look.
It's been a trend this season and the style continued at the Tony Awards. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Greene and Amanda Seyfried added some extra glitz and glamour to the awards show.
Carey Mulligan, Debra Messing and Emily Ratajkowski went for bold solid color looks to stand out on the red carpet.
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Totally agree! She looks like a very fashionable shooting star!
2 years ago·Reply
Kat Dennings is so adorable always. And Helen Mirren slaaays.
2 years ago·Reply
Helen Mirren knows how to dominate the red carpet every time!
2 years ago·Reply
TRUE STORY. I love Helen. I saw pictures of her from when she was younger, and I feel like she's one of those women who have only gotten better with age.
2 years ago·Reply
I'm so jealous of those kinds of women!!
2 years ago·Reply