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Early Saturday morning, a young couple, too young to truly understand love, were taking a stroll through downtown Philadelphia, when they chanced upon a strange sight. A pipe snaking out of the ground was letting loose all that was beautiful in the world, all over the ground. The couple, intrigued by the bright colors and strange, wafting smell of euphoria, investigated the leak.
They discovered that their proximity to the pipe filled them with joy and wonder, the likes of which they had been unable to experience without chemical assistance. Greedily, they filled water bottles with the outpouring liquids and drank some. Instantaneously, they were transformed into cartoon caricatures of themselves, and bound forever to the pavement as street art, forever together.
City officials have launched an official inquiry as to why the pipe exists, and how best to profit from the raw embodiment of human happiness.
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The "news report" style of this makes it that much funnier, or, sadder.