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Awesome White Guy Macklemore had a ridiculous run on the radio a few years ago, and we all got tired of him. Quickly.
But now that run is two or three full years behind us, and it's time to remember that, when we first heard them, the dude's hit songs are really, really fun. Hearing "Can't Hold Us" probably would've induced something close to physical sickness just two years ago, but times change quickly. Here's the first time "Can't Hold Us" made it to the radio, a live performance done in his hometown, at Seattle radio station KEXP's studio. It's OK now to enjoy Macklemore again, because we've forgotten about him a little bit recently. He's allegedly coming out with a new album (to follow 2012's "The Heist") later this year.
What's so great about this is not only the nostalgia it induces, but also the legitimate quality of the performance. There's a lot more going on here than we think by just hearing it - the live violins and trumpet, the awesome backup singer actually singing the chorus, Macklemore's poor, poor dancing and Ryan Lewis's even more awkward presence - it's not actually totally clear what he's up to the whole time, but he's wearing headphones, so he must be important. Right?
This is the nature of pop music, I guess. A song blows up, is played relentlessly for a few weeks, and then disappears for years. But that's what makes it fun - because it allows us to go back and recall what the radio sounded like. When we hear a song like this for the first time in a while, we are reminded what it was that led it to explode in the first place. It's catchy as can be.
@jeff4122 awesome piece brother. I remember when XXL put him on the cover, everyone in the media world was knocking the magazine. Thing is, Mack has been a dope artist with a legit buzz in the Northwest for years. While I do dig his music, I have to say Ryan Lewis is the key, he's an amazing producer.
Macklemore looks like my old boss. It's weird. Especially since my old boss wasn't a hip-hop head at alllll.
He is having so much fun in that performance. Luckily I pretty much avoid the radio so I wasn't forced to listen to him 10x a day. I was that one person who got excited when a Mack song came on at the bar. Looking forward to more of his stuff!
I love watching KEXP performances. Also what exactly IS Ryan Lewis doing? Yeah, he's got himself a little mixboard, but there's nothing that seems to be requiring actual DJ production work in this. He just keeps messing with the master faders and going back to dancing lol.
Thanks @christianmordi. It's true, he's got a lot more going for him than just his ability to pump out a good pop song. And Ryan Lewis is legit, too, but he's just so easy to make fun of, especially in this video haha