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I look in the mirror and see eyes too small looking back a me. I stare and widen them ever so slightly, and think if I only had eyes just a bit bigger I would be set. Well, that and if my forehead wasn't so big you could land a plane across it. Good thing my frizzy hair can cover some of it right? Please don't even get me started on what is below my chin. There really isn't enough time to start with those issues. The point is, I look in the mirror and see my flaws. I poke at things I want to change and obsesses over pictures where I look less then perfect. Not surprisingly, I have stopped liking pictures.
Unfortunately, I am not alone in this dilemma. Image issues run rampant throughout the world as girls at younger and younger ages are beginning to think they need make up or a diet to be beautiful, to get the boy, to determine their self worth. Can someone please tell me the last time they received a compliment and didn’t respond with a, “no you are crazy” or protest using a different flaw as their argument? I genuinely hope some of you can call me crazy for asking this question, but I know too many beautiful people who do this. This. Is. Insane.
Now I know this Dove beauty campaign was done a few years ago but I think it’s message is needed now more then ever. You look at yourself in the mirror and see the problems; everyone else looks at you and sees nothing but beauty. In an extremely screwed up way, I know women are looking at each of you and find something about your appearance they wish they had.
So please, next time you look in the mirror, try and think at least 3 nice thoughts about yourself. Those crows feet are just laugh lines. Its not your fault you have an awesome sense of humor that everyone loves. The freckles you have are endearing as fuck, ask anyone. As a freckle face myself I have never met anyone who told me I am less attractive because of them, and if they did they would get a nice punch in the face. Bet that black eye makes them look superrrr attractive. Your eyes are like no other eyes I have ever seen. And when you smile they look even better, you should do that more each time you look in the mirror.
Speaking of smiles, holy shit does yours really light up your face. Starting the day off with good thoughts can only improve the rest of your day. Feeling good makes good things happen to you. Its the karmic universe at its finest. I hope that you start actually looking at the real you, for the sake of women everywhere. Because we can all see your beauty, you just have to.
Dove always has awesome campaigns. Did you see the Beautiful Door one? (
I remember seeing a gif set (maybe from a Mindy Kaling show???) where Mindy was critiquing herself in the mirror. Her friends walked up behind her and asked her if she was looking at her best friend, would she judge the body she saw just as harshly? She said of course not! She was only hating her curves because it was her own body - it would be completely acceptable on anyone else. That's when the friends reminded her that we are our own best friends. Don't shit on yourself because you have some feature you arent in love with. Chances are if you saw it on someone else you would envy it.
they always do that BeaUtY CoMEs iN aLL ShapEs & SiZEs campaign which is nice and good and all but at the same time it's weird that at the end of the day they're using body empowerment to sell a product
@onlydreaming i know right! and they have a new one thats like do you want to be average or do you want to be beautiful or something like that and I'm like this is an intense soap commercial hahaha
i love this campaign but at the same time it's always weird how it's an advertisement for soap
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