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Lepre-CON a Major Success
This past weekend saw the first annual Lepre-CON, a convention exclusively designed for Leprechauns.
The goal of the event was for the fae-folk to get together and reminisce about the old days, where gold was more bountiful and when the pursuit of their people was a more whimsical, fun event.
Several of the dimunitive people arrived to Syracuse's Carrier Dome, much to the chagrin of Syracuse Orange fans, who assumed that these were Notre Dame fans. as the revelries took hold of the guests, the intoxication levels rose. Responsibly electing not to drive home, various drunken Leprechauns were seen shooting across the sky atop rainbows, leaving behind the rarest of all sights: the elusive quadruple-rainbow.
Local hippies were taken aback, unsure of how to accurately portray this event in a viral youtube video.
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