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When it comes to waxing your nether regions, people tend to be extremely uninformed because it's not a common topic to bring up over dinner. Well, let your guard down because today we will be talking about the three best methods for hair removal. Don't be shy, the topic was going to come up sooner than later. Sit back, relax and take notes while we get tangled in the 411 on the love below.
First things first, growing up we were always taught that hair was there for a purpose -- I guarantee you 90% of people didn't take their health teachers advice. Living in a world where femininity and appearance are literally everything, there's a certain way women want to look and feel. For those who choose to go the natural route and keep warm year round, more power to you. For those women who rather bare it all, let's talk options.
Of course, everyone is familiar with the razor method, better known as shaving. It's convenient and affordable, but razor bumps are never fun. Unfortunately, there's not an app for that, but there are a few ways you can prevent those disturbing visitors. There are specific shaving creams geared towards razor bump prevention, but if that doesn't seem to be your method of choice, aloe vera gel, deodorant (yes, we said deodrant) and Neosporin will fit the bill.
If you're money can stretch a little further, instant hair remover creams also seem to do a good job of removing unwanted hair -- the most popular being Veet and Nair. These specific creams will usually state that they are for sensitive skin. Be forewarned that although these creams are convenient, if used incorrectly you will experience a burning sensation you will literally never forget. These are not meant to be left on for longer than a specific time and if so, be prepared to scream and shed some serious tears.
A more pricier option, but an option that most ladies turn to would be waxing. The word alone sounds painful. Beauty is pain, right? In this case, wrong. When it comes to waxing your lady parts, you have the option of a bikini wax or a Brazilian. In other words, the bikini is a partial wax and the Brazilian is a full wax including your backside -- yikes! Of course, having someone else up in your personal space can be both awkward and weird, but women spend a ton of money monthly on this technique. If you want a clean, smooth surface, suck it up and take the pain like man. Okay, maybe not, but it's worth it in the end.
These three options will have you clean as a naked mole rat (maybe that wasn't the most best comparison), but just know that some options may better than others. They can all be rather painful if not executed properly. Be sure to have your Tylenol handy to help ease the pain. Remember, pain is only temporary.
I thought the Nair and veet bottles said don't use on your bikini area? @onlydreaming @jordanhamilton
really??? i'll have to do some google research
I heard they have a nair that is odorless! I definitely need to get my hands on that one because I agree it definitely stinks. @onlydreaming
i usually always go for nair but i hate the way that it smells and how that smell tends to linger in the room long after you've finished using it.. it can get embarrassing when i'm sharing my bathroom with two other roommates
They have bottles specifically for the bikini area @softballfreak6
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