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When blogger Elie Ayrouth of Food Beast posted this video on the site's Instagram, he had no idea that it would be watched by millions of people worldwide in the next 24 hours. What's got everybody so excited? This miraculously simple 'Hit Me' dessert from renowned NYC restaurant, Catch.
Roasted white chocolate ice cream. Layers of brownie and devil's food cake. And nestled on top and smothered in molten chocolate, a liquid Klondike bar. A LIQUID. KLONDIKE. BAR.
But here's what takes the cake: when you're ready to eat this tower of deliciousness, follow the directions on the plate (each one says #HITME in chocolate writing) and hit it with your fork! Then prepare to feel waves of sweet release take over your body as you see...
THIS. Unnghh. So beautiful.
I could literally watch this all day.
If you'd like to try this gorgeous dessert for yourself, it's currently on the menu at Catch NYC. For more sweet, ooey-gooey, molten deliciousness, watch the full video here. Now, to figure out how to make this incredible dessert at home...
@allischaaff Its called Cha-An. its a tiny little tea shop on the second floor of a house near St. Marks!
Omg, I love Amélie. Audrey Tautou is one of my favorite actresses.
Right?? I'm in love!! Crème brulee is literally one of my favorite desserts. Cracking the shell always makes me think of the film Amélie :)
I am totally behind this! I love cracking a creme brulee shell so this is like that but so much more satisfying!
This is the craziest dessert I've ever seen! I love the idea of it being so interactive.
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