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Florence + The Machine released their third album just last week, "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful." She played a set at Governor's Ball in New York this weekend, and both the set and the album have been getting great reviews in the last few days.
Here's Florence + The Machine covering The Beatles' "Oh Darling," one of my very favorite Beatles songs.
Frankly, I don't really like anything about Florence + The Machine. Florence Welsh (despite being exceptionally beautiful) just bothers me from what I've seen of her live performances, and I think their studio music is a bit theatrical and unvaried. However, she does a great job with this cover. Her voice comes off really well, and the band gets the timing just right.
Interesting to know that others agree, I usually think of her as someone who is pretty much universally well-liked and that I'm crazy for dissenting. Company is comforting, though!
Yeah, I've never been a huge Florence + The Machine fan myself. Her voice has a really interesting timbre that could work well for some people, but it's just sort of too much to me. But yeah, now that I'm listening to this, she sounds much better stripped down and live like this.
I tried listening to the album and I got maybe three songs in? I can't take too much of her voice for some reason. She did nail this cover though!