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It's not surprising that the creators of The Matrix would bring such a mysterious show to Netflix. I've only seen the first episode of the sci-fi drama, and so far, so good.
The show follows eight strangers, all vastly different. They live in different places and lead different lives, but are suddenly connected in some unknown way. Before you meet any of the eight strangers, you're introduced to Angelica, who dies, but seems to be responsible for connecting the eight characters. The rest of the episode takes you briefly into the lives of each of the eight strangers, who are now connected by hallucinations into each others' lives.
If the plot seems complicated, that's because it is. Episode one, while entertaining, was a bit hard to follow. However, each character and their connection to the others is well-developed, leaving me curious for more details about their lives and the thread that connects them all.
For those that want to take the initiative and decide if the whole series is worth watching, all twelve episodes of season one are available to stream on Netflix.
The show is awesome and extremely interesting I love it ❤️❤️
@shannonl5 - I'm still working to get all the characters straight to be honest! I remember Naveen Andrews from Lost, so I immediately liked him, but not sure how my opinions will develop over the next few episodes!
I've seen the first two episodes, a friend told me that episode four is when it starts to get really good. Do you have a favorite character yet? I've has a crush on Freema Agyeman for ages so I'm partial to her character already.