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Rihanna's style is always on point, stylish without hitting trends so hard on the nose that she beats them to death, and makes a statement. Her street looks specifically have documented her ever-evolving style, and we could all benefit from the inspiration of her effortlessly cool city-slicker vibe. Here are some lessons Rihanna has taught me through her amazing ensembles.
Head-to-toe white doesn't have to look stuffy or too mature.
Rihanna can make basically anything look sexy, but so can you! Her head-to-toe white mesh and sneakers never go granny because she layers sheer sporty, only breaking up the white with a few statement pieces of jewelry. This look could so easily have gone wrong, but I guess if you look like Rihanna, you can pull it off.
Sportswear shouldn't be reserved for the gym only.
Rihanna is no stranger to sporty pieces in glammed-up outfits. Nor is she afraid to contrast dressed-up and dressed-down accents, like sweatpants with high heels, cropped sweatshirts with layered jewelry. If you go for it, you have to REALLY go for it.
Dress up ripped jeans with bold and feminine touches.
Rihanna never shies away from a bright lip, and her dainty heels and layered jewelry combine with the red lipstick to dress up her super-casual denim.
Find a coat that makes a statement to take any look from bland to striking.
Even if Rihanna's just wearing jeans and a t-shirt under that coat, she's turning heads all over the place in that cobalt blue furry coat. A faux-fur in a cool color doesn't need to be an investment piece; pick up a crazy coat for those cold, early mornings when you just can't, and transform any look instantly with your cozy outer layer.
Balance ladylike cuts with revealed skin.
If Rihanna has taught me anything, it's how to look polished and still like a sexpot. When she wears classic, structured, girly pieces, she tends to make them sexy by wearing barely anything underneath, or going for the super-short or super-low-cut reveal of skin. If you're ever worried about a garment looking too old and not cool enough, don't wear anything else with it!
A bra is a shirt if you want it to be.
Rihanna has on many occassions worn a bra as her only apparent shirt, and of course, she rocks it. The key is layering; her oversize jacket covers some of the exposed skin, and she does seem to have an appropriate shirt on... it's just tied around her waist. Perhaps she has it ready in case of a "no shirt, no shoes, no service" moment. Then again, Rihanna can do whatever she wants and wear whatever she wants.
Styling your hair isn't necessary, so long as you have enough things obscuring view of your head.
Rihanna's hair is usually styled to perfection, but in this look, you barely notice her messy hair under the hat, headphones, and sunglasses. The red lip, cool bag, and puffy jacket further obscure her head so that all you notice is how awesome she looks, styled or not.
Push ladylike pieces to the limit.
Rihanna has so many different looks and styles under her belt, and this denim-heavy combination is one of her more polished and professional styles. She pushes the nude heel and pencil skirt by layering denim and topping off the look with leather accents, showing us that leather and pearls can tooootally go together.
Final tip: be Rihanna.
Rihanna is one lucky lady who can pull off anything. If you can somehow BE her, you'll look amazing no matter what you choose to wear (or not wear!)
that last tip sounds really hard!! like only one person in the world can do it
@onlydreaming Hahaha so true... but maybe if we step out and own life with Rihanna's signature badass confidence, we can get there too!!