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NBC confirmed on Sunday that contestant Anthony Riley died at age 28 from suicide.
" We are sad over the passing of Anthony Riley. We offer our deepest condolences to his friends and family during this very difficult time." - Network Statement
He made it to the battle rounds on the show however dropped out in the Spring for rehab.
Pharrell Williams, his coach on the show, has yet to make a statement regarding his death.
Here's a clip from the show of his performance singing, "I Got You ( I Feel Good)".
His voice is freaking awesome. Smooth as butter. Why do the most talented people have to die? Devastating :(
This is so devastating. I don't think I saw this season. What was he going to rehab for?
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geez that's sad.
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@beywatch He had a drug addiction for over two years which is why he went to rehab and left the show. So SAD.
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@marshalledgar I know right!?
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That really is sad. He had so much promise.
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