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After 14 seasons, the television show Degrassi will come to an end. While the show has countless successful alumni from the past, none have seen more mainstream success than ex-show member Aubrey “Drake” Graham. Degrassi played a pivotal force in introducing Drake to the hip-hop world, and we should thank the show for that.
During high school, Drake met an agent who was the father of one of his high school friends. The agent found Drake a role on the Canadian TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation as Jimmy Brooks. In the show, Brooks is a basketball star who became physically disabled after he was shot by a classmate.
Drake would continue his acting career on Degrassi: The Next Generation until 2009, when his character graduated from Degrassi. Overall, he appeared in a total of 138 episodes. While Drake didn’t make large bank during this show (Drake said a season of Canadian television is under a teacher’s salary,” the show played a pivotal role in allowing him to stabilize his life some financially during tough times. “My mother was very sick. We were very poor, like broke.” said Drake of the time period when he was on Degrassi.
Outside of the financial stability, Degrassi allowed Drake a space to showcase his talents to the mainstream. His first big scene in the rap world happened on the show. We should all be thankful for Degrassi, as it played a role in giving us Drake.
@caricakes I think Drake in time will get back into the acting world, it's just got to make sense for him financially. Right now the money he sees off tours is unreal lol
@caricakes yeah I think most rappers make more money per year than the average actor on a solid tv show. The big money comes into play when you get into movies. IMO, I think this is a big reason Will Smith stopped creating music. He was cranking out hit singles when he was younger ("Summertime " is a rap classic) but the movie money he brings in is unreal. He makes great music wit DJ Jazzy Jeff, but it's hard to tell him to step away from that cash to create music.
I remember an interview with Drake about his transition from acting to rapping and he said something along the lines of rappers make a hell of a lot more money so why would he NOT go into music? haha
@beywatch yeah I had to throw some vintage Drake-Degrassi freestyle videos from the show in the article. The show was really pivotal in his career though. Shortly after he left the show he released his first big mixtape "Comeback Season" which I feel like is drake in his purest form. A lot of people don't know but drake was really a backpack rap guy
Yes! I loved Degrassi back in the day! I can see how it gave Drake his start and we are all very thankful for it.
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