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Kitchen Ghosts, a project created by two Moscow-based friends, features warm, homey food-themed "cinemagraphs" that blend photography and video to capture striking moments of visceral gustatory pleasure.
Friends Daria Khoroshavina and Olya Kolesnikova teamed up to turn their passions for photography and cooking into beautiful works of art.
My favorite part of these works is their subtle tension – a state of anticipation crystallized in the drip off an ice cream cone, or the swirl of milk in coffee. And then, there's the feeling of escape; each image captures a moment of intimate calm, the kind experienced over a quiet cup of afternoon tea. Perhaps it's this sense of peace that has fans writing to the creators, telling them they like to stare at the cinemagraphs for five minutes at a time.
These gorgeous images are truly decadent. I think Khoroshavina and Kolesnikova have succeeded in their goal to convey a story through food.
For more, check out the Kitchen Ghosts website! I don't think I'll be staring at them for 5 minutes at a time, but I definitely found deep enjoyment in these unique, delicious images.
@inthekitchen SO true! These pictures have such a tactile element to them... I just want to reach through my computer screen!! And mmm @danidee, I LOVE pretty foods like that. I've never tried coffee poured over ice cream before. Is it good??
I want to dive into that latte swirl
As an affogato nerd, I love that last one. Pouring the coffee onto my ice cream is such a satisfying and highly visual step.