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Everyone does something embarrassing, thats how you get the good stories to tell the dinner guests. However, there are a few things we need to stop being embarrassed about.
Needing a tampon. I understand that America was founded by prudish puritans, however almost every single female in the world, let alone just America, gets her period. Yet through out history, in each country women are taught to never speak about their period. That its dirty and gross and something that should be kept behind the closed and locked door of a bathroom several miles away from any male. That is just stupid. Periods are natural and I should not be embarrassed if I need a tampon. Also to all the fathers out there, if you have a daughter she will need tampons eventually. Man up, educate yourself on what she will need to know (since you are the adult) and go buy them.
How many people you have slept with. So you get lucky a lot. Good for you. Honestly, the number of people you sleep with should not define a woman. What should be focused on is her intelligence, her problem solving skills, her personality, strength to overcome obstacles and her drive to succeed. Sleeping with 1-1,000 people really doesn't alter any of those key elements to achieve success. Even worse, you should never, ever, be ashamed about being a virgin. Waiting until you are ready is commendable and will make the losing of said virginity a lot more enjoyable. Do you, and if someone calls you a prude, they probably aren't getting any either; the only difference is their pissed about it.
Being sad. I will never understand why people feel so at ease with being happy and showing joy, yet feeling sadness is such a shameful taboo. We also have this crazy notion that someone else has more of a right to feel sadness then ourselves (ie. the best friend at the funeral, while you were just a friend). We convince ourselves that we should feel guilty for being sad because they have it worse. Again that is just like saying you shouldn't be happy for something because someone else is happier. Makes no sense whatsoever.
Being Hungry. For some unknown reason, actually its totally known since women are shamed for their weight with every other step, women saying that they are hungry is the worst thing in the world. Sometimes girls cant even admit to their friends that their hungry, and when you finally do admit it there is always the same excuse. “OMG I am starving I haven't eaten in… insert any time here.” I don't know about anyone else but I get hungry after 2 hours. I’m actually starving right now. Stop being ashamed, eating is the most fun anyone can ever have.
Going to the GYN Take pride in knowing that you are being proactive about your health! Yes it is going to be a little awkward because who wants a stranger poking around down there but there is no reason to feel embarrassed. GYN's have seen it all and are so jaded about vaginas that they really do not care about your goods unless there is a serious issue. Go in, shut your eyes and in a few minutes you'll be done. Then treat yourself to a nice bath and a drink.
Pooping Because duh. Everybody poops.
What I have come to learn also is that so many people do so many of these things so many time and hide it but at the same time undermines someone who speaks freely about it
I don't know how people can MAKE you feel embarrassed about these things. I have "been around" and I have no regrets, but somehow my mother knew about this(I guess it's intuition), and even though I'm married she's still hung up on it. Sucks for her huh?
if you read it, it wasent talking about the gym. was referring to the gyno aka gyn lol
@TerrecaRiley i knowwwwww i wish people would stop judging others because it will be the only way to form better more loving friendships