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When opportunity knocks, should we answer? Listen While You Read: A Storm Is Coming by Carl Barat and the Jackals In 22 short days I will be on a one-way flight to New York City. My mecca. My dream. I worked hard my whole life to put myself in a position to get there, and now I'm going.

I graduated from college a month ago. A month before that I was hapless and scattered, left with only a month to secure a job find a way to avoid going back to my home town.

The ultimate sense of failure for me was to end up on my mother's couch, reading and thinking about the future, but just not having one. I couldn't let that happen, not after all of the work I'd done. There is nothing shameful about returning home, getting it together and then moving away, let me be clear, but from where I'm standing it would be impossible to do so. Considering all of the things I had given up to work harder and achieve, anything less than getting out would be an insult. Statistically, most twenty-somethings who exit college with a degree don't receive job offers. They don't have plans, and they don't have a future. We pay an average of 100, 000 dollars for college, with all loans and fees accounted for, we will be buried in debt for the rest of our lives if we don't get it together. How's that for pressure?

Nobody should start their life in the hole, but we have no choice.

In the early years of our adulthood we're bound to make mistakes. We're bound to fuck up, get lost, waste time. We're indecisive. So how is it that most of our lives end up hinging on decisions we make in these desperate years? These pressures and constructs put into place to make us feel apart of something can crush us. In order to combat that pressure we must take chances. We must go places. Above all else we must take risks.There's an art to this though. Take too many and you'll end up on your ass. Take too few and'll be impossibly boring. In the waning hours of my long days I find myself searching for something I cannot name. Maybe it's assurance that I'm doing the right thing. Maybe it's that illusive and dangerous feeling of hope. Maybe it's nothing at all.

I find myself asking whatever is up above us,what to do.

Okay, save money.

Well I failed at that. My work study job during college offered me the illustrious pay of 8 dollars an hour, while only offering me 10 hours to work. I had to be at rehearsals for the plays I was in from 7 to 11 every night and 12 to 5 on Saturdays. I had class from 9 am to 5 P.M. and barely had time to think. No money saved, now what.

Now, graduate from college.

Okay....done, but barely. With all of the federal student aid calls, the late nights of barely getting anything done, the partying, the drinking, the mistakes, I barely got out alive.

Okay, now get a job.

After hundreds of applications filled out, several let downs and a whole lot of writing, I got a New York City. Can I breathe now?
The universe doesn't have an answer for that. We spend our lives searching, asking for meaning, wanting a solution, but the only ones that become available are the ones given to you by choice.

If you walk the path of someone hungry for success there are going to be missteps. You'll get tired, you'll get greedy. You'll lose sight of what was once important to you. You mustn't lose yourself.

After college is over and we don't have anyone to tell us what to do or where to be, we can get complacent. We can get lazy and tired. The goal here is to create a life, create a mark, a lasting imprint.
The only question then, is how? When everything is against you, how do you choose to succeed? For's dropping everything, taking a chance and moving to New York City. For you, it could be anything, but there's only one way to find out: You just have to do it.That's the scariest part, but what comes on the other side of that fear could be the greatest time of your life.
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Amazing article! I read it in its entirety and I can definitely related. Life is all about taking chances. Can't wait for you to join us here!!