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If beauty was a mandatory class in grade school, a lot of common mistakes probably wouldn't take place. Unfortunately, since that's not possible, unless you're in beauty school -- we will have to witness constant beauty fails from public bystanders for the rest of our life. Although it is a known fact that "beauty lies in the eye of the beholder", everyone knows what's just straight up ridiculous. If you know it's a faux pa, but you constantly recreate the same mistake constantly -- you've gone down the deep end and you're likely to never return. For those who are willing to learn the common mistakes in the world of beauty, let me school you real quick.
Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form a makeup artist or a pro, but what I do know is that I "started from the bottom" like Drake. I used to make these same silly mistakes when I first got into makeup, but practice makes perfect.
First things first, just because you see Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga do it, doesn't always mean you need to try it out for yourself. They're in the entertainment busy, they're paid for their looks. Relax. It's okay to keep it low key sometimes.
#1 Too Much Blush:
A little goes a long way, especially when it comes to blush. Use a light hand when applying and you won't have to worry about resembling Krusty The Clown. If you're going for a rosy look, stick to light pinks. A tan or brown hue will always give you the glow you're looking for without being too overpowering.
#2 Excessive Glitter:
Ladies, let's give the glitter back to the 90s. Unless you're going to a costume party or using a minimal amount to create a sexy night time look, excessive glitter is not an everyday go-to beauty product.
#3 Caked On Concealer:
This one takes the cake, literally! Concealer is meant to conceal and brighten, not to have you looking like you painting on a mask three shades lighter than your complexion. Follow the light hand rule and only apply what's needed.
#4 Skipping Makeup Steps:
If you follow a daily makeup routine, you can't skip steps. Skipping steps will not give you the complete look you're hoping to achieve. You can't contour and then forget to blend. Those two steps go hand and hand. Just like you should line your lips before applying lipstick -- simple facts everyone should know.
#5 Tanning Disaster:
If you tanned and you ended up getting darker than you imagined, don't continue to apply your same foundation because clearly you're no longer the same complexion. Be smart when making decisions. Either tan and purchase a foundation that works for you or skip out on tanning. It's pretty simple.
The simplest mistakes are so common and they could be prevented if people were more knowledgeable and aware. Spread the word and save a life -- I mean save a face.
Don't be embarrassed! 9/10 everyone in the cosmetic store is in there for the same exact reason. It's always best to ask so you can assure that you find the right shade for you @danidee
I need to be more comfortable swatching foundation and concealer when I'm out shopping for them. For some reason, I'm always really embarrassed asking for help or taking more time than I feel like I should picking something out, so I always just go by the name of the shade. I keep forgetting that asking to swatch some colors out or to be matched to a color is a THING. I definitely will need to do that next time!
I hate those uninvited monsters, but concealer definitely makes them less revealing. There are concealers for brightening and concealers for covering up redness, dark marks, etc. so it all depends on which one a person is using @madeleine
I still need to master the concealing technique especially when there's an uninvited zit.