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Brick (2005) directed by Rian Johnson has one of the best foot-chases I've seen on screen. Let's check it out!
As soon as Brendan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) starts running, a lot starts happening during this sequence both visually and aurally.
Johnson shoots the chase using mainly wide-shots. This lets gives us a sense of distance and he has us run along with the characters by moving the camera along with the runners. And the times when the shot moves into a medium shot/close up, we only get shots of their legs -- which is kind of like "visual foreshadowing" (is that a term people use?).
We also get some "aural foreshadowing" (I'm going to keep saying things like this until people tell me to stop), through the diagetic, or sound that occurs within the world of the film, sound. The pitter-patter of their feet as they run past classrooms and hallways is a sound that our ears get used to as the scene goes along and when Brendan takes his shoes off at the end, Johnson gives the audience a "yes!" moment while reinforcing his protagonist's wit.
But what do you guys think? Are there any chase scenes that you know of that really get it right? Should I stop saying things like aural/visual foreshadowing? Let me know in the comments below!
The Chase could have been great if they had shown the guy that was tripped hit the pole. I fail to see what is so interesting or mesmerizing by that foot chase.
@richardtoth, I think I liked how it subverted expectations. I mean, any other movie would have shown the action instead of have him fall out of frame. And I was really into the movement of the camera and the sound design. I will say, though, there are other foot chases that I'm really into. One of them that comes to mind is the scene from Rock n' Rolla, have you seen that one? I think it's a little more visceral than the one above.