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While on an expedition to find a real, truthful connection to her inner self, traveling woman Patricia Koogan has seen many a sight. She has climbed mountains, crossed rivers and fjords, and she has tasted the air of dozens of countries. Truly, she has gained experience beyond her years in the time since she started her journey.
However, her biggest (and most confounding) discovery was not about her true nature, but about the nature of where stock digital wallpapers originate. Initially believed to be photogrpahs taken and subsequently turned into digital files for computer backgrounds, Koogan has done away with that theory in travels, as she came upon the region of the world where these wallpapers occur naturally. Speaking with Koogan, we were able to gain some insight:
"Yeah, it was strangel. At first, I was trudging through this dune-filled desert, when all of a sudden the whole area shimmered, faded, and changed into a grassy hilltop with a bright blue sky. I thought maybe I was dehydrated from walking through the desert, but no. It was real! The world around me had shifted somehow, like a picture changing."
In her time there, Koogan experienced a shift from desert, to hilltop, to giant orchid, to the vacuum of space. With all of this, she decided that her journey of self-discovery was over, and so returned home to tell her tale.
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This reminds me of "A Diamond as Big as the Ritz," a F. Scott Fitzgerald story. It's about a man who discovers a mountain made out of one giant diamond and his struggle to keep it his own secret