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Yes, you should be excited about Marvel's new lineup

A few years ago, DC managed to reboot their entire timeline, scrapping the confusing and scrambled continuity to make space for new stories featuring the same characters. Marvel is about to do the same thing. After the conclusion of the Secret Wars story arc, the universe as we know it will end, and Marvel will get to start fresh with new ideas about the same characters, without being beholden to the plots of the past. While some of these faces are familiar, there's plenty of new developments that we should all be really excited for.


She has been kicking butt lately, and her sales have been thirty percent better that of her male counterpart. The market has spoken, and this version of Thor is the one that people want. So it's no surprise that Marvrl is bringing her into the future. Her costume also looks almost practical (aside from the cape, which is leftover from the original designs). Femake superheroes often end up behaving like very sexy lamps: they look nice, but don't contribute much to the plot. The way she's dressed and posed suggests that we have something to look forward to.

Captain America

It looks like Steve Rogers will still be present, but he's finally starting to show his age. Which means that Sam Wilson is the one holding the vibranium shield. If you're not famailiar eith the comics, you'll recognize Sam from the recent Winter Soldier film, where the flew in and helped save the day. His wings were part of jis identity as The Falcon, but I could definitrly get behind him taking on the mantle of Captain America.

Ms. Marvel

While the movie debut for Ms. Marvel isn't coming until 2019, the hero's comics have been extremely popular, in part because of her alter-ego Kamala Khan. She's young, and her personality appeals to the newest generation of comic readers ("come at me bro" is definitely an appeal to a younger demographic), and her popularity proves that readers are thrilled about the more diverse representation Marvel is starting to offer (Kamala is Muslim). While the original Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers was amazing in her own right, I'm glad Marvel decided to go with Kamala instead.

Not pictured: The Hulk.

This seems like a major exclusion. The Hulk is one of the most recognizeable characters from the Marvel Universe. Sure, his standalone film in the MCU is universally agreed to be terrible, but why wouldn't he be pictured here? According to
"Marvel’s editor-in-chief Axel Alonso has stated that Hulk will have a new identity that isn’t Bruce Banner, and that it’s going to be controversial."
I'm listening...
"The all-new Hulk … this character is certain to cause debate,” he told Mashable. “The same people who went crazy with female Thor will have a field day with this one.”
Does that mean Jennifer Walters will be arriving on the scene as She-Hulk? Or do they have something entirely different in store? These first images are definitely promising, so my expectations are high for something mind-blowing.
I feel like my insides are "eeek"-ing super hard right now, hahaha
@paulisaverage I haven't seen any but I'm sure they'll pop up soon
I've been wanting to get into Ms. Marvel so bad since it was announced but I promised myself I wouldn't buy single issues anymore (I used to have a pull-list that was like 80-90 bucks a week). Do you know if there are any trades out yet?
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