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1. Choose your base.

Filtered Water
Coconut Water
Rice Milk Almond Milk

Hemp Milk
Green Tea

2. Choose your greens.

Spinach Kale Swiss Chard Collards Beet Greens


3. Choose your fruit.

Berries Avocados Bananas Mangos Pears Peaches Melon Kiwi Papaya Pineapple Apples

4. Add some sweetness.

Honey Raw Agave Coconut Palm Sugar Chopped Dates

5. Supercharge it.

Chia Seeds Flaxseeds Protein Powder Cinnamon Spirulina Maca Raw Cacao Moringa Leaf Powder Greek Yogurt

6. Blend and Enjoy!

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Is there some sort of ratio you should be following when building a green smoothie? I keep reading that the biggest mistake people make when making these things is putting too much fruit and not enough veggies.
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