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This weekend two murderers escaped from high-security prison in upstate New York. Using drills to cut a hole in the wall, they escaped through an elaborate pipe system. They even created dummies and left behind a mocking note for police investigators.
And what are people talking about? Some are calling their break “Extraordinary,” and some are comparing it to the genius behind the break in the Prison Break television show. Some are even calling it a "Shawshank Redemption"-style breakout.
The problem with these comparisons? Prison Break and Shawshank Redemption characters were arguable portrayed as innocent geniuses. These guys are real convicted murders.
We empathize with these characters in Shawshank and Prison Break. We think of them as “badass” and “cool." Portrayal is big, and even talking with friends these real-life guy's escaping are already seen as “cool." It perpetuates the “F-the system” mentality, when we should be concerned for our safety and supporting investigators.
CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes said. "Because they're stone-cold killers, you would expect them to stop at nothing to get out of the prison and to maintain their freedom once they are out. That means they could have invaded one of the local homes in that small down, killed the people, stole their car, and driven halfway across the United States by the time (authorities) even know they were gone. So the police are going to have to check for the well being of every resident in the town.”
And nothing is cool about that.
Those poor Canadians! They’re so nice!
@greggr do you mean accomplishing the goal of escaping?
@drwhat who knows? it could be all those things! I’m just prompting the idea that maybe that we shouldn’t be looking up to prisoners that escaped. These guys are also dangerous...
@drwhat If so much is being put into these systems to keep dangerous people (according to the jailers) out of the real world, they should at least be able to accomplish that goal.
Or maybe they're innocent. Or maybe they're not. Or maybe prisons are so fucked up that they didn't deserve to be inside, even as convicted murderers.
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