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I really didn't want to do this, but I am falling hard for Seventeen. I told myself way back when Pledis announced this giant group that I would stay strong and be Seventeen-free but it looks like my heart has other plans.
I'm just not as strong as I used to be...
So anyway, I have just given up any hope of escaping their young but surprisingly strong grip, so I am here today to bring you all down with me.
Here's my guide to their names and faces - and I am not sorry for the heart ache they will cause.

Hansol (Vernon) aka Harry Styles

DOB: February 18, 1998
I feel like Hansol is the easiest face to remember mainly because he reminds me of Harry Styles and that makes me feel all tingly.

Here's what you need to know:

He’s from New York but moved to Korea when he was 5 years old
He likes to play the guitar
He’s extremely ticklish
His favorite rappers are Drake, T.I and Kendrick Lamar

Woozi (Jihoon)

DOB: November 22, 1996
The teeny tiny one that is both terrifying and adorable at the same time. Seriously, scroll throgh the pictures - he's TINY.
What you need to know: He wants to meet Justin Bieber He’s never had a girlfriend. He doesn’t even have friends that are girls He plays the guitar He’s a fan of the X-Men series

Jun (aka Junhui)

DOB: June 10, 1996
One of the Chinese members that I think is the love child of Heechul and Hangeng from Super Junior (the real reason Hangeng left is finally revealed?!?!?!) Basically, he's super pretty. He usually performs in a snap back if you're looking for him in live perfs!
What you need to know: He knows Wushu He plays the piano According to Seung Gwan, Junhui is known as the mother of the group

S.Coups (aka Seungcheol)

DOB: August 8, 1995
He's got really pretty eyes but I recognize him most by that gorgeous upper lip haha (I am stopping now though because I feel creepy)
What you need to know:
He’s one of the original Pledis Boys
His dream is to become an actor
He wants to meet Taeyang
He’s a black belt in Taekwondo (studied for 7 Years)


DOB: October 4, 1995
Ren joined another group?! Or is this the replacement for Ren when he has to go to the army?! PLEDIS WHERE DO YOU FIND THESE MEN?!?!!?!??! I think you know why I can recognize him...that haaaaair. *heart eyes emoji*
What you need to know:
At His

Joshua (Jisoo)

DOB: December 30, 1995
He just has a face that screams sweetheart. His cute little round nose is what sets him apart!
What you need to know:
Born in LA
Decided to become a singer after singing in church

Hoshi (aka Soonyoung)

DOB: June 15, 1996
The adorable little blonde boy with way too much energy. His stage presence vaguely reminds me of Suga?
What you need to know:
Was in NU'EST's Face MV
Fluent in Japanese


DOB: July 17, 1996
The quiet one that is clearly somewhere else in his head - that's Wonwoo! Am I the only one getting the VIXX's Leo vibe?
What you need to know:
He's lazy
He is constantly writing song lyrics
His parents are his idols

DK (aka Seokmin)

DOB: February 18, 1997
He's a year older than Hansol but I don't even want to say how many years younger than me...
He's the one with the crazy angel dance move (see photos)
What you need to know:
He was the last member to join Seventeen
He is nervous about meeting new people but is always the first to make friends


DOB: April 6, 1997
What you need to know:
He enjoys and wants to try acting someday
His favorite animals are dogs. He has a pet dog too
If he had the opportunity, he would like to date someone older than him (yoooooo)
He is left-handed

The8 (aka Minghao)

DOB: November 7, 1997
Blonde with some crazy colors in his hair, the newest Chinese member!
What you need to know:
Honestly, there isn't much info about him online...he's a mystery!


DOB: Janauary 16, 1998
The adorable chubby cheeks! You can't miss it!!!
What you need to know:
He was offered to join JYP but he rejected the offer he joined Pledis Entertainment He loves when it rains a lot too
His favorite food is hamburgers
His biggest fear is getting no attention at all


DOB: February 11, 1999
Let's not even talk about his birthday... He is a baby! But a baby that can dance...
What you need to know: He has never been to a foreign country before
He wants to live in Korea forever
He likes fried squid with spicy sauce

Now test yourself:

@Kamiamon right?!!??!? I was already in school when they were BORN.
@sammha I agree there are just soooooo many! I know my bias is going to change about a billion times OY VEY. Is Hansol your bias?
So far I have only fell for four members.
@sherrysahar I feel your pain, but if you got through EXO we can get through this! hahahahaha
born in 1999?? I think it might be illegal for me to even listen to them... I'm not their noona I'm their aunt!!
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