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In a world where the media is constantly focusing on the latest “bitch battle” between women on twitter and capitalizing on reality TV brawls, (see Mob wives, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, ect…) its nice to have a show with two main, female characters who support each other through everything. And I mean everything. These two really show that when women stop trying to tear each other down they can actually push one another to higher levels of success.
I am of course talking about the bestest friends ever, Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins from Parks and Rec. If you haven't seen Parks and Rec watch it. Ill even buy you the Netflix account.
Leslie never just calls Ann "Ann". She is always adding some type of, usually weird, but all together kind compliment just too remind Ann how much she means to her. Imagine how much your self esteem would skyrocket after having your name equated to something beautiful and cool all day long!
The best part about friendship is that friends realize sometimes there is nothing to say to fix a situation. Ann and Leslie both know each other so well that sometimes they just know when their best friend needs to be rip roaring drunk to forget why she is sad.
Leslie is completely crazy and puts so much pressure on herself that when things go wrong, she needs a support system to stop her from crumbling. Thats when Ann comes in. She is always there in the background to offer any help Leslie needs, even if its just constant reminders that everything is going to be ok.
Leslie is just as much Ann's supporter as Ann is to Leslie. While sometimes Leslie may go a bit overboard, as she does with most things, her intentions are always pure. She just wants Ann to be happy and will do anything to help make that happen.
They can talk to each other about anything. Work, boys or the Harry Potter movies, Leslie and Ann know everything about each other, and never ever judge each other for what they do know. Even when one of them screws up they know they can talk to each other because neither will mock or judge the persons decision. Without complete trust a friendship would never work.
When Leslie made the decision to get married to Ben spur of the moment, Ann made sure she had the perfect, magical wedding even if it was thrown together in a night. Leslie knows that even when she has crazy, insane urges which are always HUGE (Leslie is very go big or go home) Ann will always be there to make sure it happens. What else do you need in a best friend really?
Having a best friend means they changed you for the better. And both Ann and Leslie have not only changed each others lives but have totally become true soul mates. They are the perfect best friends.
Uteruses before duderuses. I'm obsessed with all the positivity Leslie Knope was about. She was so pro-woman, pro-independence, pro-not being a jerk. I'm a little sad that the show is over, but I'm super happy that Amy Poehler is just as wonderful irl.
@allischaaff honestly though they are such a friend power couple !!!
This has all my favorite Leslie-Ann moments!! Best TV friendship of all time. I love all the weird animals Leslie calls Ann hahaha