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Are you a Millennial? Are you maybe not a Millennial, but are tired of hearing and reading about the term almost constantly? Well worry no more. With a new Chrome extension, you won't have to worry about seeing the term ever again! Why is that? Well, this extension makes it so that any time the term 'Millennial' is used, the text is automatically changed to 'Snake People'. I've started using it myself, and I find that my internet browsing has become a lot more fun and a lot less frustrating. Now I don't have to be constantly reminded about what new evil Millennials are up to. Now the evils seem far more tangible, as they are being carried out by Snake People living among us. So if this is something you want, then look no further.
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THIS IS THE BEST. I'm downloading it ASAP. I'm so sick of clickbaity posts about millennials. It makes everyone sound like a pack of grumpy grandpas.