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One of the many reasons I watch The Mindy Project is because of Mindy Lahiri's awesome outfits. She's always rocking bright colors and patterns that perfectly match her funny, oftentimes ridiculous, personality.
She works closely with costume designer Salvador Perez to craft her unique style that, this season, had to extend to maternity clothes. Soon enough, Perez will also be dressing Lahiri's baby on the show.
Outside of the show, Perez responded with excitement to the idea of a Mindy Project clothing line. While he claims to be a bit too busy to make the line happen, I bet fans of Mindy Lahiri's style will be breathing down his neck to get a clothing line in the works.
While we wait for a potential clothing line, fans can get their Mindy Project style fix in several other places. Mindy Project fans in Beverly Hills can see many of Mindy's awesome outfits on display at Neiman Marcus. For those of you that want to try to replicate her outfits, here is a blog describing many of them in detail.
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@beywatch - I've read one of his short stories from that book about artificial intelligence and love, it's actually really interesting, he's a great writer!
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@nicolejb Yeah! Mindy reads the whole thing outloud. I love getting the audiobooks of different authors. Amy Poehler's is HILARIOUS. She's got so many special guests like Kathleen Turner and Seth Meyers and Patrick Stewart and even her parents. And I bought a Patton Oswalt one where every time he cites an REM lyric, Michael Stipe sings it. It's so random. And @LauraFisher I'll have to grab the book before I go on vacation next weekend. I'll have something to read on the plane!
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Ahahahaha @beywatch that makes me so happy. I need to listen to more audiobooks.
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@nicolejb I just feel like - particularly when it comes to the memoirs of comedians - the humor is all in the inflection and the delivery, and my brain doesn't read the jokes as funny as they actually intend for them to be.
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I try to imagine the author (especially comedians like Mindy) in my head talking, and it works pretty well. But I totally agree! I’m sure the jokes are a lot better spoken. I need to check it out! @beywatch
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