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MBLAQ is back with an emotional hit!
The dark and gloomy vibe of the song match the recent break up of the group, with members Joon Lee and Thunder leaving to pursue solo activities.
The MV's end reflect this change, with the current members moving on as a trio.
The two closed doors allude to members June Lee and Thunder.
And now we wait for English subs...
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@MattK95 Mhm. But I am really glad MBLAQ is still going strong. ^_^
i don't know if i shd be happy or sad its my mixed feelings i am so proud of these three boys and this come back is sooo great but it feels like a huge part of MBLAQ is missing :( but still happy and proud for their comeback i wish them best of luck <3 nd MIR looks soo mature <3
@sherrysahar At least we still get to see all of them pursuing what they want, music and acting. ^_^
I love this song!! They never disappoint I still have to adjust to them being a three member group ^^
@poojas I agree with u on that note