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Cuban sandwiches are tastefully distinct -- using a lot of the same main ingredients. The ingredients can also vary, depending on where you get the sandwich. However, when you bite into a Cuban sandwich, you'll know it's a Cuban sandwich.
Usually, they come with fritas, which are thin french fries. The Cuban sandwich is also typically made with mustard, pickles, pork, ham, and Swiss cheese. The burgers and sandwiches are also normally pressed with a plancha, or sandwich press. So. Good.

What You'll Need:

Cuban bread Swiss cheese Fritas (thin french fries or "shoe-string fries") Pickles Yellow mustard Ground beef Ham Roasted pork Vegetable oil, butter

How To Cook It:

For the ground beef, take about 1/4 of ground beef. Season with salt and black pepper. Form a patty and cook it on a stove top with a pan with oil. Cut 1/4 of the Cuban bread. *If no sandwich presser, you toast your Cuban bread in the oven. Preheat oven at 350 degrees. Add some butter to both sides of your bread. Bake for about 10 minutes. Build your burger with your Cuban bread, mustard, roasted pork, ham, burger, Swiss cheese, and pickles. Add your fritas on top or on the side. If you have a sandwich presser, press your Cuban burger.

What To Do Next:

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Those thin fries!
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