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Enough to get a tattoo? Not one if those stick and peel things, a permanent tattoo. Body art like this definitely redefines what it means to be a superfan. I'm definitely a Marvel fangirl. But I don't know if I like Marvel quite this much!
Then again, how best to embrace your inner feminist than by getting the epitome of female anger, She-Hulk tattooed on your arm? Show me those guns!
This week in extremely permanent xosplay, this guy got facial implants and tattoos to make himself look like the Red Skull, leader of Hydra and nemesis of Captain America. I assume because he wants tobe nightmsre fuel for everyone he enciunters.
This is a cool concept, even if it is a little gory. Tearing away the disguise to reveal the hero within? It's a great metaphor. I wonder how Peter Parker would feel about it though, especially since he wanted to badly to be a normal human.
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How unfortunate for him. word!
How unfortunate fo his punk azz. Word!
I'd add a Marvel tattoo to the collection. Gambit, probably. I'd have to think how and where, though. :)
@ButterflyBlu that sounds really cool, you could do a lot with Gambit I think. The playing card motif could be very American traditional tattoo style!