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The ultimate hipster webcomic, going strong since 2003, has come to an end. Written by Emily Horne and Joey Comeau, the project was weird, witty, and wonderful. The internet will be poorer for its departure.
Titled 'I wasnt sure which cake you wanted', the comics often ended on a strange an unexpected note like this one. The three panel structure combined with text told brief, yet evocative stories.
'I'm here for the ART sir' is another example of the strange world the comics seem to exist in. The absurdity if the circumstances only escalated as the series continued.
This comic was just titled 'WHAT' and I think we can all relate.
'Yet.' There are over a thousand comics still hosted on their website, so while there won't be any new content, the comics deserve to be revisited and discovered by newcomers.
Nooo! I'm so sad to hear that they're stopping :( I legitimately lol'd at some of these, particularly the last one you posted. So confusing!! Sad yet laughing!!
That's so crazy. They've been going on FOREVER.