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Cat lovers rejoice! The first-ever CatCon took place this Saturday in LA, and it was a huge hit. Over 10,000 people were in attendance at the new celebration all about our feline friends. There was cat art, cat adoptions, and even some cat celebrities attended.
But more than just celebrating cats, the convention really had some deep discussions. One of those discussion called, “Debunking the Cat Lady myth” aimed at breaking down the stereotype of the weird cat person.
Susan Michals, who organized CatCon told the NYTimes. “There is a whole world of cat lovers out there. We’re not all a bunch of ‘Grey Gardens’ Miss Havishams.”
And by a show of how much support and people attended CatCon, I’d say that Cat Ladies are pretty cool.
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Ooooookay. Seems legit to me.
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SUPER legit. For kitties and kitty lovers. :)
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