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I hate working out. I really do. I would much rather get home from work, eat a nice big dinner and lay on the couch watching mindless TV or reading a book. What I dont want to do after work is come home, change into workout clothes and go to the gym. I would rather get stuck in train traffic on the way home then have to leave home again to work out. Ugh. Im getting annoyed just thinking about it. However, finding time to work out even when you don't want to should still be a main priority. Working out helps you stay healthy, fit and more energized during the day. And as I’m sure you all heard, working out releases endorphins that boost your mood. Unfortunately, those don’t really happen till after your workout so while you'll feel amazing after, during your workout you will still feel just as grumpy. But never fear! I have the solution for you!
Workout at home. Its as simple as that. You are more likely to keep up with your workouts if you don’t have to go somewhere to do them. So during the week skip the gym and workout at home. Body weight training is all you need to stay fit and stay lean. Here are a few things you can do in the comfort of your own home. Mix and match the workouts and you will get a full body, intensive workout.
Push ups. It may sounds simple but I feel like push ups are often times overlooked. The push up works out your arms (obviously) but also your core and your legs since while completing the push up your entire body should be clenched tight. After mastering the push up you can then find ways to complete harder push ups, including hand stand push ups! Just make sure you're away from the TV your first few times attempting those.
Back bridging. In our pursuit to a flat stomach we sometimes forget that the lower back needs to be strengthened as well. Sit ups don't help with that. Back bridging for 30 seconds each rep will give you a crazy lower back workout. If you cant do a full back bridge yet you can work yourself up to one; I did. Just thrust your hips as high as then can go while keeping your shoulders on the floor and clench your butt. You'll feel the workout.
Planks. Ugh they are so hard sometimes but again another full body workout. Hold those for a minute each rep and couple it with the back bridging and your core will be screaming.
Dips. Find a chair, a step or the side of a bed and start dipping! This will seriously help your arms and your back muscles. I hate them so much but they will get your arms nice and lean.
Pull ups/Hanging Leg Raises Yes you'll need a pull up bar for this but they are cheaper then a gym membership (just saying). Throw it up anywhere and start pulling. If you can not do a pull up yet there are ways to work up to it. One of the most popular ways is using an assisted band, which is like a rubber band to have you pulling a lighter weight. Another way to work up to the pull up is by doing hangs. You hang (get the name) from the bar and then lift your feet as high as they can go while staying in control. This helps your arms get use to the weight and grip and seriously destroys your core. WIN
So make time to work out, even if its for half an hour every other day. Your body will thank you for it and so will your stomach when you treat yourself to the ice cream you have hidden in the freezer after a hard workout.
I do jumping jacks or squats while I wait for my tea water to boil! Any little bit counts :)
I hate exercise, but when I do it, I love planking and seeing how much stronger my core gets the more and more I do it.
Planks for daaaays! and @notdanh come on you lazy girl!
yes... sometimes... :(