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Photographer Unknown - I love the colors. It all comes together really well. [via Mehndi Designs]
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oh nice really nice
5 years ago·Reply
@JesseJeje Yes, I love how intricate everything is.
5 years ago·Reply
I've seen this somewhere, I'm not sure where But I think it's Absolutely Beautiful! I vaguely remember it might be a Hemp Tatoo or something else that isn't permanent! Either way, I Love the way it looks! =)
4 years ago·Reply
@Jo32971 Yeah, I'm not surprised. It's a pretty popular image. :) Yeah, henna is amazing, isn't it? I would love to get it done sometime.
4 years ago·Reply
@yinofyang this is Amazingly Beautiful, she looks Great in it too!
4 years ago·Reply