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Everyone always wonders what the key to success is. People say long hours, hard work, and risk taking are all important factors to achieve success. I agree. A good work ethic is obviously pivotal on the road to success however it is not the most important thing.
To find success, and happiness for that matter, you need to surround yourself with people that matter. And by people that matter I don’t mean investors, high profile CEO’s or even your current boss.
I’m talking about people that matter; your friends. You know, the ones you've known you're whole life. The ones who will love you whether or not you get rich. The ones that loved you when you didn't even have any goals whatsoever. Surrounding yourself with people who care about you, not the outcome of your project, will get you closer to success then ever before.
Your friends will be honest. They will tell you when you are messing up, but so will your boss. So will everyone, since everyone loves to see people fail. Fucked up right?
But your friends don't want you to fail. So they will be honest but they wont be soul crushing. They will tell you the truth, but will still cultivate your dream.
Trying to find success in anything you do is difficult, especially when half the time people are rooting against you. Thats when your friends will be there to pick you up, slap you in the face and remind you why you are working this hard in the first place…
So that you can one day own a house with a swim up, fully stocked bar in your back yard. Which they will obviously be invited to every single day.
Even if it is something as simple as losing weight, you need to have your friends. Everyone else will be telling you to work out because you are fat and lazy and need to lose weight to be pretty. But your friend will come out of no where and say in one month of working out lets go shopping because we deserve the reward. Positive motivation is much more influential then negative hate.
Remember that no man in a island unto themselves. Each of us can achieve so much more when we have our cheering section, hype girls behind us every step of the way. And with each stumble they are there to catch us, brush us off and take us out when we are taking ourselves to seriously.
So shoutout to the friends that are there for you through it all and on your next pay check take them out. They deserve it.
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