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I love punk music. I love Bikini Kill. I love Le Tigre. And I also love Kathleen Hanna.
2013's The Punk Singer is a documentary about Kathleen Hanna and her career. As someone who has listened to most, if not all, of Hanna's projects and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it was available on Netflix.
If you're into riot grrl, punk music, the 90s, or if the idea of people doing things instead of simply talking about things, then you should check it out. Watch the trailer below and lemme know what you think!
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@beywatch, They totally do, if I remember correctly the last third of the movie is dedicated to her having Lyme Disease. It's really, really, really, good.
I'm definitely gonna watch this later. I'm ashamed to say I didn't know who she was until a few years ago. My teenage years would have been so much better with her in them.
@shannon15 @paulisaverage I'm going to have to watch this one too. Kathleen Hanna is badass.
@shannonl5 @beywatch You guys HAVE to read Girls to The Front by Sara Marcus if you haven't already! It's basically an oral history of the Riot Grrl movement
I'll have to look for it on the Amazon.