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Doesn't matter if it's summertime or wedding time, Sangria should be on the menu!
Seattle Bride Mag shared their tips for creating the perfect Sangria Bar for your wedding on their website. While they skipped the recipes, you can find some on Vingle by typing in Sangria in the search above or by clicking here.
That's the first and most important thing--good flavorful Sangria.
I did a search online for dispensers and found that MANY of them have rotten reviews. The biggest complaint was that the spout was too small, which TOO FOREVER to fill just one cup. Hit Amazon and keep in mind that one gallon will yield about 30 glasses.
Cut Fruits
Sangria needs ice and fresh cut fruits to be a delicious beverage. Make sure the Sangria Bar has chilled fresh fruits that have been precut, ready for filling glasses. Don't forget the skewers and/or tongs for handling the fruits. No bare hands allowed!
This might seem like a no-brainer, but I've been to events where this was overlooked. You want to make sure that there are plenty of glasses and that those glasses are large enough to accommodate the ice cubes, fresh fruits and Sangria.
Typically, any glass will hold half its volume of liquid, the rest is ice and fruits. Therefore, an eight ounce glass will only hold four ounces of liquid. You want to avoid having guests pile into a long line because they ran out of Sangria in three sips.
Similar to a sweet table, which you can read more about here, you want the Sangria Bar to look Amazing, which means getting the message out. This could be a chalkboard sign, marquee lights, or just about anything that sets the mood appropriately and is signed.
Straws & Napkins
I am seeing these fabulous swizzle straws EVERYWHERE! I'm talking Etsy, Amazon, Michael's, even BJ's. Adding these touches to your Sangria Bar is going to give it some life and personality. From a distance, it's like, "Oh! I want what they're having!"
So, you've got the Sangria Bar stocked, beautiful and ready to go, but what about the flowers? Well, I have to say that flowers are not the end all be all. While it's not 100% necessary to have flowers at the Sangria Bar, I do think that there needs to be an element of panache. It could be greens or something else.
The point is to merge the look of the Sangria Bar into the look of the rest of the wedding--whatever that look might be.
The colors for a sangria bar are particularly fantastic though. I love all of these pictures.
I'm a suckered for sweet tables too though. I think any kind of fun serve yourself cocktail bar is a must at a wedding
A sangria bar sounds amazinggggg. I just went to a wedding with a candy bar which was great, but my family's basically a bunch of alcoholics at weddings, so it went barely touched and it was pretty much me swooping in on the chocolate covered Oreos. I could see a sangria bar being the perfect compromise.