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There's something about the prospect of airline travel that does something strange to celebrities.

Be it the time Gerard Depardieu pissed on the cabin's carpet or when Alec Baldwin threw a fit over an interrupted game of Angry Birds, celebrities can't seem to keep themselves from getting in trouble when flying the friendly skies.
Today's culprit: Kate Moss.
Apparently, after boarding an EasyJet flight from Bodrum to London, Kate became "disruptive" - pulling out a full-sized bottle of vodka when flight attendants were not able to provide her with alcohol, loudly talking to the people sitting around her, and calling the airline pilot a "basic bitch".
Well, Kate. Clearly, compared to you, that might be the case. But that's still not a very nice thing to say.

No charges have been pressed against Kate, but she did have the luxury of being escorted off by the Bedfordshire police.
In a statement, EasyJet confirmed that "police met flight EZY2232 from Bodrum to London yesterday due to the behaviour of a passenger onboard... EasyJet does not tolerate disruptive behavior and will always report any incidents to the authorities."
The moral of the story: Alcohol and supermodels don't mix. (Unless it's Fashion Week.)
I love it!
Your choice of all caps and headline text is so on point for the level of kate moss nonsense. love it
@beywatch she strikes me as a 'martini for breakfast/lunch/dinner' type of person.
Bringing your own vodka onto the plane seems pretty basic itself, Kate.
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