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This year is all about experimenting with hair colors that most people wouldn't think of as the "norm", but who cares. It's time to add some spice in your life & some color in your hair because normal is boring. Why choose your typical brown, blacks and blondes, when there are so many colors under the sun? If you're worried about people staring, don't be -- staring is a good thing (in most cases). If they took the time out to look at you, just know you're doing something right. If they give you a compliment on top of their stare, you already gained major cool points.
Greens, lavenders, fuschias and greys have been some of the top hair colors of the year. As odd as they sound, they actually look pretty fantastic. If you have the confidence and the look to rock it, why hold back? Having a drastic hair color gives you the option to tone down your look altogether. Because your hair is already a huge statement, you don't necessarily have to make such a statement in other areas of your look (e.i. makeup, your outfit).
Kylie Jenner made the green hair extremely popular this fall and it actually looked amazing. Think The Incredible Hulk meets Carrie Bradshaw -- okay, probably not, but it looked fab. Justine Skye and Kelly Osbourne made purple hair look absolutely amazing. Several celebs including Rihannaalso tried out premature grey hair and let's just say they made it look good. Who knew grey hair could look so good and not make you look like you were approaching 70 years old? Platinum Blonde is a blast from the past, but it's still fierce as ever and although not too many people were pro-blonde for Kim K -- she wore it with confidence.
Live a little and dye your tresses a funky color for the summer. If you're too scared to dye your hair, grab a wig that has previously been dyed to your liking. We promise, you'll look DYE-LICIOUS!
I prefer pastel color over bold colors. It seems easier to match an outfit.
I think a little color every now and then is cool! I'm in love with the pastel colors myself, I just have yet to try it out. @madeleine