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Whether you love her or hate her, you have to admit that Olivia Palermo has great style. Whether on the red carpet or just walking down the street in New York City, Olivia always manages to look polished and pretty with a look that subtley reflects the trends. This outfit, however, pretty much screams the 70's, but is far from a costumey look. Find out how to get the look below!
Start with the suede blouse.
Suede (or faux-suede, sometimes called "suedette," for a more eco-friendly and budget-friendly option) is the fabric that holds this look together. It's also seriously in style right now, is super 70's and funky while often looking polished and professional. If you can't find a good suede top (it's more important in the skirt), make sure the whole outfit is in the same color story to stay cohesive. Find variations of Olivia's blouse here, here, and here.
Next is the suede skirt.
The head-to-toe camel keeps Olivia's look from going in the costume direction. Pick a color story to stick to; I chose options in camels, browns, and burn orange, so no matter which you pick, don't deviate too far with the other pieces. The suede or faux-suede aspect of the skirt is the most important part to replicate as it's both sleek and very 70's, but the fringe element is so fun! I found similar variations of her's here, here, and here.
Layer with a thin belt of the same color story.
Thin belts look great over high-waisted skirts, but if you're tucking in your blouse, it's a must-have. They're so easy to find; just make sure to pick one up in the same color story you're using today. Bonus points if you find one in suede! A thin braided belt would keep the 70's vibe, too. Just don't wear anything thicker than half an inch or it will look like overkill. I found options here, here, and here.
Olivia's gold necklace looks great under the collar of her top.
Wear a statement necklace that hits just inches below your collarbone, or wear a choker if you're wearing a top with no collar. Make sure it's in gold- silver will clash with the browns of the overall look. I found options here, here, and here.
Next are the tan heeled sandals.
Olivia's cover most of her feet, exposing parts, and wrap around the ankle to mimic the fringe. Pick a shade lighter than the rest of the outfit, but in similar tones. Once again, suede is great (but not necessary here). I found options here, here, and here.
Finally, her fringed clutch.
As we saw yesterday here, fringed bags are big, but Olivia opts for a smaller clutch size. Hers is a rich brown, a shade darker than the rest of the outfit, but you could go a shade lighter, like the shoes, as well. I found great options here and here.
Finish the look with any neutral sunglasses you want, and pull your hair back to let the outfit take center stage!
I need to invest in a good pair of tan heels. I hear they make your legs look elongated.
I am in love with that skirt! It's so fun!