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According to Colin Cowie, you should keep your centerpieces under 12 inches in height so that everyone at the table can chat with on another with uninterrupted views. Not only have I been preaching this for some time, it's just common sense.
True, there are tons of pictures with centerpieces that are higher than 12 inches. But you have to take into consideration, many of these are professionally designed to prevent as much interference as possible. On the other hand, some are poorly designed.
You can read more about these types of rules in my What Went Wrong Collection.
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I enjoy producing special events. I prefer non-social events because there's more money and the clients are not as fussy. However, the social events tend to be "prettier" if that makes sense. If you have questions or anything about your events, lets talk shop sometime. @allischaaff
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Thanks so much @NixonWoman :) I appreciate it. What sorts of events do you classify as social?
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No one's ever asked me that before! And I thought I'd heard (or been asked) everything! I'm going to keep my eye on you dear. lol Social events are things like Bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, engagements, showers, graduations, mother's day luncheons, on and on. Corporate is everything else like awards, galas, premieres, product launches. The tricky one is the fundraiser. They can be both. It's tricky.
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Aha I see! Lol I'm glad I could surprise you 馃槉 gotta stay on your toes somehow, right? Thanks for clarifying the distinction.
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I'll definitely let you know if I'm planning anything soon :)
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