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I can't believe I am writing this card. I was clearly in a strange place on the internet today and found an article about a simple bathroom accessory that can help people suffering for constipation or just general un-wellness down under.
Basically, if you have a tough time with 'number two' you might want to read on:
A pooping stool, or a "Squatty Potty," is designed to get your body into a position where it is easiest to do your business. Think of really old fashioned toilets (or even the hyper-modern versions you can find in some parts of Asia) that are basically holes in the ground. Ever wonder why people still insist on using them?
I can't (and don't want to) explain it any better than the original article so here's the science behind it:
The issue with sitting while having a bowel movement is that it totally blocks the flow from your colon. We all have a Puborectalis muscle that squeezes around the place where the colon meets the rectum, helping to maintain continence (it prevents solid waste from falling out until you're ready). Sitting only allows that muscle to partially relax, which is why it can take people a long time sitting (and straining) for anything to happen. When your body can assume a squatting position with your knees above your hips, it relaxes the Puborectalis muscle fully and allows your colon to empty quickly and completely.
It's that simple. The only change is how high your knees are and how relaxed other areas are. For the best results you can squat on the stool, but sitting comfortably on the toilet seat is okay too.
If you want to try squatting but for non-bathroom related reasons, head over here :)
I haven't bought mine, but the idea sounds pretty legit, right?
Weirdly enough, I've read a lot about pooping lately (reddit has a bit of an obsession) and sitting really does mess up the bowels. Our bodies haven't adapted to this "new" style yet, considering people squatted in the Western world until pretty recently (if you consider the history of the world) and people still squat in many parts of the world. Strange. But true. But strange.
"As seen on Shark Tank" is the part that's really calling my attention. I need to see this episode!
thanks for the reminder.I shall look it up soon as I can afford
You learn something new every day! Haha!
I need to see this shark tank episode too