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Apple is a technological giant unlike any other, but now they're coming for streaming.
The qunitessential music purchasing service, iTunes is not enough for the company who are launching their very own streaming service.
With services like Spotify, Pandora and now Tidal joining the streaming game, apple is a little behind the times. Their 9.99/month service will enable you to stream songs, listen to playlists and tune in to internet radio in association with Beats by Dr. Dre called Beats 1.
Another hallmark feature is Connect, a social network where artists and their listeners can interact through multimedia and posting. It rivals the failed venture Ping, which iTunes launched in 2010 in the same vein.
The service will be available on June 30th.
I don't think I'll be switching from Spotify, sorry Apple!
OF COURSE THEY ARE. Because they're Apple. And Apple likes to try to do things better than the original people who did them.