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The new machine built by BKON dubbed the “Craft Brewer” is the newest in coffee technology. And how does it work? All you do is add your desired coffee grounds (it also works on tea leaves) into the machine, then select the pre-programmed corresponding recipe. It then uses algorithms to create the desired cup.
Wired Magazine says, "Each drink has a corresponding string of code that determines the precise amount and temperature of the water as well as the vacuum force needed to draw flavor from the chosen ingredients.” Talk about technology.
But this insane machine comes at a price. The premium product is $13,250. Not just your everyday coffee lover can afford that. You have to be a serious coffee fan.
$13k?!?! This is like buying a car! I could totally see me buying it if I were super loaded and completely into techie stuff. I'll have to settle with my Mr. Coffee for now.
That’s should probably be their tagline @paulisaverage “Science in a cup!"
I really, really, really wish I could afford this. I want to feel like I'm drinking science and this is as close as I'll get.