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Watch this vid to learn how to make Tumblr inspired clothes for CHEAP. And by cheap, I mean CHEAP!
Included in this one is how to make those super cute exposed knees jeans, that sell for $90 at Topshop! It's the third look and how-to on the Just Like That YouTube channel.
Whenever I share these looks, mostly, you want to have a clothing base. So, you should already own the flannels and jeans. But if you don't then you should go to places that sell them like Walmart and H&M or Forever 21.
Then you will need to get letter transfers, that seriously only require you to plug in an iron and iron them on. How easy is that?! And speaking of easy...if that's the name of the game for all your DIYs, then click here to see even more that are cheap and easy to do! <3
i love playing with letter transfers especially when it comes to making your own graphic tees, they're so cute
Yeah, super cute. Plus you can do whatever you want. I love that kind of flexible creativity