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Nothing is cuter than seeing a puppy or a kitty camping in their very own teepee! Oh the cuteness is killing me! I don't like complicated projects, so when I found this one, I was like, Oh, I can so do this...and so can you!
What you need
Wooden dowels
Dropcloth (or curtain or bed sheet)
Glue gun
I think the biggest tip from the video is to make sure that however long the dowels are, you want your fabric to be that same length in a square. From there, it's super easy to follow Ann Le's tutorial and your pet is going to be fast asleep in no time!
And since it's super duper hot outside this time of year, make sure your four legged friends and family are HYDRATED! For a fun dog hydration treat that you can make at home, click here to see what another Vingler did for their dog! <3